Women have all the power!


When I consider the things about life that I “know” but have never fully processed or classified in my own brain I am astounded. This morning’s awakening was another marvel. Yesterday morning I was in tears. Today I was laughing!

The revelation that came to me this morning was: Women have all the power!  The power to make men drop, to serve, to give.  The power to allow men to fulfill their natural role – to chase and provide.  Us women can do it all ourselves if we have to, but we can take on the traditional male role, can raise kids by ourselves, earn a salary, run a home, be prime minister, carry a child, give birth; work through that pain to produce something beautiful. (So can men, I know, but let me have this power trip for now!)  It takes a man 30 seconds to inseminate but a woman has 9 months to fully prepare, to take on the role however it may evolve. We can cherish and nurture but also be tough, be sexy, be strong, proud and confident.

We like the company of men but we do not need them. (Only for procreation, she says bitterly and harshly!)  We can be feminine with pretty bows in our hair and wear high heels, or ballet pumps, or we can be a punk with attitude, spikes and doc marten’s.  We can have it all should we choose and for that we should be thankful. Not thankful to men for ‘allowing’ us but just generally thankful.

It is ‘nice’ to ‘have’ a man to assist us but most of the time we are boosting their egos and nurturing them so they stay and ‘take care’ of us. Why? Why do we need another additional child? Women keep men going in daily life. Pampering and cooing.  Yes, it’s nice to be nice and we do that for the ones we love undoubtedly but please bear in the back of your mind that it could all go tits up. Don’t rely on one person for your happiness or security. Rely on yourself. To need a man is folly! To ‘want’ a man is desirable.

Women are allowed to lust too but men can’t hand over that realm also. That would be the last straw. There are some powers they’d like to keep for themselves but deep down they know we need it too. That’s why they chase after us.  Why they crave to be inside us. Driven by the primal need to procreate. To limit themselves to one woman is probably unnatural but at least it shows commitment and depth of character and a willingness to work through life, to appreciate what one has. Women are the comfort, the product of the chase. It is a cruel evolutionary trick… One that women pay for, often with their hearts, and minds, and certainly with their bodies.

Men are used to ‘getting’, to winning.  They want to win, to be the best. Some men can’t understand or are too lazy to woo and ‘work on’ a woman. This is why I believe some cases of sexual assault happen. Men think they are entitled, that they can’t be bothered with the effort of making a woman succumb. To derive pleasure from that teased out That they don’t have to , or can’t impress or put in the effort so they have to lie or rape and for the sake of humanity should be shot!  Where’s the respect?  There is no place for entitlement. There is no entitlement in life. You work with what you have. Some folks are spiritually or financially luckier than others but there is always discovery and the harnessing of potential, learning, self-improvement. It can be done…

So that’s today’s thought for today.  I’m widening my focus. It’s now not all about him. I’m claiming it back. I’m working out what life is all about. What it means to me. What my principles and viewpoints truly are without being skewed by being reflected off his perspective all the time. A discussion is well and good but sometimes you just know what the other person is going to say. Where’s the fun in that? Comfort yes, but how does that push mental boundaries? Perhaps we had just ran our course in some respects after all. Maybe that’s why he decided to go off shagging about. Titilating conversation and theories of the universe after the deed was done!

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