When the man you’ve been in a two decade relationship with and have two children with scams you out of £18k that’s quite a big betrayal!

Deception, manipulation, lies, betrayal. All one big con! The fact he done similar to two good friends,  totalling another £10 thousand, makes me realise what a duplicitous shit he was!

Whether it went up his nose, lost in a casino or on porn and prostitutes,  I’ll never know because he won’t tell me… He’s too ashamed to open his mouth to explain. Else he can’t explain, he’s  just hard wired wrong.

To always show disgust at things, to slag people off behind their backs, to his kind who think they are so much better than others – that he deserves the best even though he can’t afford it. That’s narcissism!

To put yourself before your wife and kids, that’s selfish narcissism.

To lie at every turn to make yourself look good. That’s narcissism. And stupid. One day you’ll get found out!

When caught, to have no empathy or understanding, or try to make things right. He says the words but the actions are slow to follow. That’s narcissism.

To resent your other half for building a career, working hard, having decent friends.  That’s narcissism.

To run away and hide, make excuses, blame poor health, go down the ‘poor old me’  route; I’m so helpless, I didn’t know what I was doing, “I can’t take responsibility for all this” . That’s just pathetic.

All of it is pathetic!

It only takes a few words. Why so scared?

I am a woman, what’s the worse I can do?

Do you know what….I am over it! He has shown his true colours and they are not very palettable. What a fraud!  And do you know the worst.? It is his kids that will suffer!

He thought he was hard done by not knowing his Dad, but rather than admit that he invented a whole host of lies and cover stories. Jesus! If only he could see himself but he can’t. He says ‘I’ a lot, but never seems to get beyond that stage, words but no action. He should try caring and providing for his helpless kids. Maybe he was the helpless one but I didn’t see it. Maybe I was so used to growing up in the house with a mentally disabled brother that I couldn’t see how a ‘normal’ man develops –  how do I know what a proper man should be like, we were together since he was 17?

I knew he was not as able and capable as my father (a standard we women probably use to judge suitable men more than we realise) but I didn’t think he’d stoop so low as to have two affairs and waste £28,000. Making his children suffer in the long run. Imagine I didn’t have a half decent job, imagine my health was poor (which it has been), would you take up with a man like that? Wait until slutface gets sick or can’t cope… Maybe she can forgive but she’s not been through enough life experiences to realise her true worth!

I supported him. Now it’s slutfaces turn. I am not responsible for him. He is pathetic!  If he didn’t love me than why was he with me for so long? Was I that bad? No, I put a roof over his head! But he slipped up and ‘mummy’  caught him out.

You are now using her. Go stand on your own two feet. Stop hiding behind women! Naturally, a woman wants to be looked after. I have never had that luxury.  I am only ball-sy and tough because I’ve had to be because he lacked the character to live a decent and honest life! Charlatan!



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