Silent Treatment

His silence says it all. He doesn’t care. Never has done. We are discarded like all his possessions have been. Left behind for someone else to clear up. Not his responsibility.



He does not reply to my messages, he does not call to see how his children are, he has only recently got his mail redirected (thank God but I still have a whole pile that I do not know what to do with). He thinks if he ignores me I will go away. Well, I will go away and take his children with me. He has made it quite clear they do not matter to him but even as I type this I hope and wish it is not true. For their sakes.

What kind of father abandons his children for some slag? What kind of father neglects to pay or contribute towards his child’s upkeep? A selfish, sadistic, uncaring one.

The irony is I am better off without him. He never provided for or supported me. I done all the work. The only thing that I think kept us together was sex! If that is all he puts onus on then wow! He is so shallow, vain and conceited.

He refused to have sex with me when I was pregnant, he refused to pick it up again when our daughter was abut 3 months old. He left me asking for sex on a regular basis and he refused me. Normally it is the woman who refuses. I felt hurt and saddened but he said he was always too tired… ¬†Yes, tired of fucking about behind my back, tired of not even being in work. Lazy sod. He was getting it elsewhere with Bitch, he did not need me.

I think he feels hard done by. I had a baby that he never vocalised he’d rather not have had. I am harassing him /them (since they are a proper couple and have been living together since last November but now that they are ensconced in their love caravan they think that nothing can touch them.) How mistaken they are! I am out to destroy him apparently. Like he has not destroyed me or his kids.

It is all projection. What you say and how you say it, how you talk about people, your attitude, all says more about you as a person that it does about the poor soul you are slagging off and thinking you are so much better than. Projection!

Anyway here is a link to a blog I have been ‘enjoying’ reading. It’s scary. Mr Tudor could be talking about my ex!

Why Won’t He Answer by HG Tudor


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